Unico High Velocity Heating/Air Condition

High velocity heating and cooling units actively circulate air throughout the room and the entire house, resulting in comfort that is uniform. There are no warm spots, there are no cold spots, and in the summer it removes up to 30% more humidity than conventional central air conditioning systems. The premier manufacturers of high velocity systems are Unico and Space Pak.

High velocity systems boast countless features, and the benefits to the homeowner are significant.

Features of Unico High Velocity Heating/Cooling Systems

When debating between sheet metal construction and high velocity systems, consider the following features of high velocity heating and cooling:

  • uses tubular ducts that are small enough to fit into almost any space
  • can be installed in an already-existing home or a new home that's in the process of being built
  • the tubing is seamless, which means energy is not wasted. In traditional sheet metal ductwork, energy is lost via leaks
  • requires just 1/10 of the space, compared to conventional sheet metal ductwork
  • is the least obtrusive system around. The only part that is visible is a small disc that is available in different colors and finishes. The cooled/warmed air is delivered via a small, 2 inch opening.

Benefits of Unico High Velocity Heating/Cooling

Homeowners who choose high velocity systems to keep their house warm in the winter and cool in the summer enjoy many benefits:

  • less allergy-producing air particles. Because the tubing is flexible, no passages exist that feature corners which attract mold, pollen and dust.
  • narrow diameter tubing. The high velocity tubing can be placed in spaces under floors, above ceilings and behind walls.
  • low installation cost. The cost to install the system is comparable to the cost to install a system with ductwork made of sheet metal.
  • super quiet heating and cooling
  • can be installed when other systems cannot
  • the temperature in a room heated or cooled with a high velocity system is uniform with no hot or cold spots
  • high velocity systems improve the comfort level by removing up to 30% more moisture than a conventional air conditioning system

High velocity systems feature easy installation, even in buildings that have unique obstacles, such as

  • historic buildings
  • structures that do not have any existing ductwork
  • buildings with open floor plans such as lofts
  • log cabins or log homes
  • modular homes
  • additions

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