Split System Air Conditioner Systems

June, July, and August are the time of the year that your air conditioning system gets a true workout. The hot, humid New Jersey summer is great for taking time at the shore, but the heat and humidity never take a day off. If the central air unit in your home isn't up to the task, or maybe there's one room in your house that just won't cool down, a split system air conditioning system (also known as ductless mini-splits) might be the solution.

Split system air conditioning systems give you the flexibility to target cooling to particular rooms of your house similar to window units. These systems are a cross between a ducted central air conditioner and a window unit. The fan is located at the top of an interior wall, with the noisy compressor (or heat pump) located outside for whisper quite operation.

The best thing is that one unit can cool a single room or multiple units can be used to cool an entire home. What if you've recently put an addition on your home? A split system air conditioner can provide an energy efficient way to cool or heat that space, without replacing or up-sizing the existing heating and cooling system. This provides true zoning of the home and can greatly reduce energy costs because only the units that are needed at a given time are operating.

Split systems are designed to cool a room quickly so unlike a central air conditioning unit, it is not necessary to run the unit for long periods of time before the temperature in the room starts to get comfortable.

Is a split system air conditioning system right for your home? The best idea is to have your home and current cooling system looked at by one of our air conditioning and heating professionals, who can provide guidance on the most efficient way to keep your family cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

Split Air Conditioning Units

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