Humidex Controls Moisture and Improves Indoor Air Quality

As with many products offered by Hart & Iliff, our first experience with Humidex was to test one in my home. My basement is extremely humid and always had a damp, musty smell. Everything my family stored there would pick up the smell, including luggage, books and clothing.

We tried everything to reduce the humidity and eliminate the smell, including running one dehumidifier at each end of the basement. This caused the electric bill to spike but really didn't eliminate the odor. After installing the Humidex, we noticed almost immediately that the air felt fresher and the damp, musty smell was gone. We were able to turn off the dehumidifiers, which dramatically reduced the electric bill; this past March alone, we saved more than $100 on electricity.

Now we can store our belongings in the basement without having to worry about them picking up a damp, musty smell. Humidex eliminated the odor in our basement and improved the air quality in the whole house.

Humidex is a patented air exchange system that is manufactured in Canada. It's installed in the basement or lowest level of the home. Humidex expels the damp, humid air from the basement and replaces it with drier warmer air from the upstairs levels of your home. It reduces the humidity level, eliminates basement odors and improves the air quality in the house. Humidex exchanges the air in your home 6 to 10 times a day. It comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee and a 10- year parts warranty. Since Hart & Iliff is a local authorized dealer, why not try Humidex in your home? For more information, call us at 973-383-1421.

Charles Brand

Humidex Diagram

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