Jun 01, 2003

Comfort Line - Summer 2003

This quarter, our questions and answers segment discusses recent changes to our Environmental and Tank Protection Program, which is now called ProGuard.

Mar 01, 2003

Comfort Line - Spring 2003

You may have seen the Ultrablend logo on our stationery and our trucks or heard about Ultrablend on the radio. This quarter, our Question & Answer segment discusses our Exclusive Ultrablend Premium Heating Oil.

Jan 01, 2003

Comfort Line - Winter 2003

This quarter, our questions and answers segment discusses the government-sponsored program called Energy Star. What is it and what does it mean for you?

Sep 01, 2002

Comfort Line - Fall 2002

This quarter’s questions and answers introduces a new way of pricing heating and air conditioning service and installation work. We call it our “Up Front No-Risk Pricing System.” We have been using this customer-friendly system since April. This segment explains how the system works and why it is better for you.

Jun 01, 2002

Comfort Line - Summer 2002

This quarter our question and answer segment discusses an exciting new pro-gram which gives you a choice of how to purchase your heating oil.

Mar 01, 2002

Comfort Line - Spring 2002

This quarter’s questions and answers segment deals with swimming pool heating.

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